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Chen Zhun – an editorial that totally inspires me.

This Photographer "Chen Zhun" Chinas top commerical photographer,  totally got my juices flowing a couple of years ago when I frirst saw these images. It gave me that fantasy feel I do with some of my work now. But recently I have been plauged by the need to almost reproduce this editorial piece and my mind keeps saying "COPY CAT!" Well, I have come up with one better and I am placing the team together to execute this shoot. I was to use Lisa Mitchell to do hair. Mellanie Harris was on my mind to do make-up and in fact that post seems to have a lot of competition, a few people are jumping at the chance to paint the maniquins for this and I am considering another old friend that I never work with before "Tussy Yoshida". but I may use him as a second as I have NEVER worked with him. So not I need to find my props and stylist. The location is one of many on my mind but I believe I will shoot the entire story on one canvas!

Basically I want to tell the story with one frame period and yes I really have a story and I can honestly say I will not be copying the great image story you see above but will be paying a tribute to it. All I will tell you in look out for the PoPo.

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Chen Zhun - an editorial that totally inspires me., 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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