The Asain Girls of Skyteam. © 2010 . All rights reserved.

A pretty cool shoot on a hot summer day!

The Asain Girls of Skyteam.
Skyteam Shoot - Eastern Stewardess
The above link goes to the skyteam website and the high res image of the 10 Anniversary photo I shot for them this summer.
I received a phone call from Ketchum "A New York PR Firm" that I did a small job in the past with a few months ago and asked to reproduce an image a did a few years back of a bunch of guys from a wedding party walking down a street just off of Times Square. Their client had like that particular image and a few other lifestyle and portrait images.

The whole call was odd to me because I was just thinking about that particular agency that day and saying to myself I need to call them since they already know my work.

needless to say I was thrilled! to comply with the request, so I put my little shooting team together and did a little scouting session all over Manhattan for the client.
I came up with about 5 possible locations but because of a very limited amount of time I would have to actually do the shoot we had settled with one location in Central Park.
Of course that was the plan on paper but once we were mobile the client demanded that we do a Times Square shoot, So we made the stop by the Ticketmaster and began shooting. I need to get control of the girls to work as a modeling team with normally takes a bit of time getting used to each others movements. I believe after about 45 minutes it started working out and they began moving as one group. The facial expression also relaxed and I could start give a more composure style of directions as at first my directions were based on getting them relaxed and used to each other.

After What I call a pretty decent "Gorilla Shoot" we go to our planned location in Central Park Set up some lights and Take some Pictures. All in All a Great shoot even though I was only given about 1/2 an hour to do the whole thing!

Skyteam Stewardess in Central park

I Finished the shoot feeling I really needed a little more time to really get the girls in a more candid and relaxed position. But the client was pretty happy with what I was showing them and that is what it is all about, Making the client happy.

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